Cajunb stokes the North vs G2 rivalry

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The rivalry between G2 Esports and North was one of the highlights of the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals in Dallas, but for many of us watching at home it felt like it sprang out of nowhere. Now it seems as though it may have been bubbling away for a while.

Earlier this week, Blitz Esports released a video interview with G2’s Shox, where he said that North are really arrogant, echoing statements made by his team-mates in other interviews from the ESL Pro League Finals. This video is from the event, when tensions between the two teams were very high.

However, the release of this video seems to have riled up North again, with Cajunb sending out this tweet aimed at the G2 guys.

We thought that this rivalry was starting to wind down, but it looks like it’s just getting started. G2 haven’t really commented on the matter in recent days outside of tweets from Shox, but we imagine they will have extra incentive to beat the Danes when they next meet.