C9 v Misfits plagued for two hours by more ESEA tech issues

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This season of the ESL Pro League has been anything but smooth. We have had multiple games delayed for a variety of reasons, but the most common has been issues with ESEA servers, and last night they struck again.

In the match between Misfits and Cloud9, Misfits were finally about to win the match when the server decided to die. It was a 1 vs 4 in favour of Misfits with just seconds left. The scoreline was 24-23 and a big win was on the cards, or at least that is what everyone apart from n0thing thought.

What followed was a two hour technical break, with the stream reduced to a “back soon” message. Eventually the stream ended, with little in the way of an explanation. Then a short while after the stream ended the final round of overtime was replayed, which Misfits ended up winning to take the map 25-23. Needless to say viewers were not happy.

The tech issues also hit the Liquid vs Renegades match. With the scoreline at 14-13 to Renegades the server again died, with players unable to get back in. After hours of technical delays Liquid ended up forfeiting the match, giving Renegades the win.

This has not been a good week for the ESL Pro League, with multiple matches getting delayed or experiencing tech issues. Hopefully they will be fixed for next week.