BIG and Ghost make it into the ESL Pro League

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The ESL Pro League relegation tournaments are over and we know the new faces that will be playing in Season 6 of the competition.

In the European relegation tournament challengers BIG, managed to make it into the league after beating PENTA Sports 2-0. BIG and PENTA both managed to defeat Virtus.Pro, knocking them out of the league. In the deciding match between the two teams BIG managed to defeat PENTA 16-8 on Inferno, before going in a massive match on Cobble. This one ended up going to overtime, but eventually BIG pulled out the win with a 19-17 scoreline.

This win meant that HellRaisers and BIG are the two teams to make it into Season 6, PENTA and Virtus.Pro will both play in the ESEA Premier Division next season.

Over in North America Enigma6 had already claimed the first spot in the league, leaving Rush and Ghost Gaming to play for the final place. A default win over The Foundation gave Gost a shot at this match, and they destroyed Rush. The first map went to Ghost with a massive 16-3 score on Train, then they managed to take the win on Overpass 16-12 to secure the final spot in the ESL Pro League Season 6.

With all the teams decided for the next season all attention turns to the LAN finals in a few weeks. The top six teams from Europe and North America will head to Dallas to compete for a share of $750,000.