AWP trickshot or sick Tony Hawk combo?

This week has seen more than a few quality AWP shots, but when it comes to the most over complex shot of them all this takes the biscuit.

Sure the shot itself might not be that impressive, actually a part of us was hoping he would hit a mid air 360 no scope, but the set up beforehand is. Those grinds and bounces off the rail are more like something you would expect to see in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, although not the most recent one, as nothing worked! Then there is the timing aspect, and the balls to try and pull it off.

By all accounts this happened in a real match and wasn’t set up, making it even more impressive, as it first glance we were sure this was a set up just to prove it was possible.

Needless to say we will be exclusively playing on Nuke with an AWP until we manage to do the exact same thing or one up it, so if you get matched with us over the next few days we apologise in advance for our awful KD ratios.