Australian Football League team Adelaide Crows buy Legacy eSports org

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Hot on the heels of IEM Sydney an Australian Football League team has purchased one of the country’s bigger esports organisations.

The Adelaide Crows have purchased Legacy eSports, an organisation perhaps best known for its League of Legends team, but one that also has a local CS:GO team. This makes the Crows the first Australian sports team to purchase an esports organisation.

The deal is supposedly in the six figure region but an exact amount was not revealed. Legacy will apparently keep its name and branding for the time being, but that may change in the future.

In the world of CS:GO Legacy is not a name that many outside of Australia will know of, however they have had some notable names play for them in the past. Both Chris “ofnu” Hanley and Mike “apoc” Aliferis who are a part of the former Winterfox lineup that has had a rough year, played for Legacy around a year ago.

This investment and the success of IEM Sydney can only be good news for the esports scene over in Australia. Who knows, it could become the new hotbed of CS talent if young players are starting to get more international opportunities.