Astralis is picking up an academy team, say reality TV show contestants

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The Gamerz house has gone from quirky reality show location, to a big news hotspot in recent days. First off there was the whole being banned from Twitch for racist language issue, and now some of the players have accidentally let slip that Astralis is picking up an academy team.

Yesterday a group of players were discussing what had happened to some of the players that have left the house, and mentioned that 14 year old player revilioN had signed for Astralis Academy after he left the Gamerz house.

Of course if true this is some pretty big news, as this is the first we are hearing of an Astralis Academy team. However it seems like there is some doubt being cast on this, as revilioN sent out these tweets.

There is always a chance that he is just trying to throw people off track and that this is all true, but as of right now we would suggest taking the news with a pinch of salt.