30% of pro CS:GO fans don’t play the game

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Newzoo, the company that seems to have new stats about esports every week, has released a blog post saying that 30% of people that watch pro CS:GO do not play the game.

The report is part of a wider investigation into how many people watch the major esports but don’t play them. The stats for CS are pretty interesting, with 47% of players and viewers only playing the game, 23% doing both and a massive 30% only viewing and not playing at all.

The 30% mark is the biggest in the investigation, which also included League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and Hearthstone. LoL beats us on people that play and watch, with 29%, but we are second in that field, tied with Dota.

CS also has the highest viewing time, with 11.4% of viewers watching more than 15 hours per week. The next closest is LoL with 8.5%, while Dota is at the bottom of the pile with just 4.4%, putting it behind Overwatch and Hearthstone.

With all of this data combined together Newzoo has found that 42% of esports viewers do not play the games that they watch.

“Looking at the combined fanbase of the top three global esports franchises (League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2), we see that 23% of the fanbase (both players and viewers) in the 10 Western countries watch esports content of these games but do not play the games,” reads the report. “This means that 42% of these esports viewers don’t play the game they watch. For these franchises, players have often moved on to other games or spend their time elsewhere, while staying invested in the professional competitive gaming scene. Esports gives lapsed game enthusiasts an outlet to still enjoy the entertainment provided by games without having to develop or keep up with the skills required to play.”