CS:GO Shipped Boosts, Smokes and Wallbang Locations

It’s no surprise Shipped has become one of the most popular maps in the Operation Hydra Group, because its long, narrow walkways mean it’s a fun map to storm through on T side and a solid map to protect on CT. Here are a few useful spots to help you get ahead on Shipped.

Shipped – Extended A Hiding Spot – Counter-Terrorist

Shipped - Extended A Hiding Spot

Bombsite A on Shipped is fairly small, so there aren’t many safe positions for CTs to stand. Thankfully we’ve found the perfect spot for you to hide while Ts enter the site through Long A.

Make your way to Extended A and stand under the entrance to Long A, just in front of the barrels. Jump onto the left ledge, then edge out a little further to squeeze past the barrels and press into the corner against the red shipping container. Once you’re tucked in here, crouch and turn around to face the bombsite.

From here, you’ll be able to hear Ts pushing through Long A. It’s unlikely they will check this spot when they drop down, so make sure you hold still to avoid drawing attention to yourself. There may be more than one T attempting to enter Bombsite A from this entry point, so be patient and wait until you’re sure they have all pushed through, then begin shooting.

This sneaky spot should help you on your way to an easy ace, but use it sparingly because the Ts will begin checking this spot after you use it.

Shipped – Back of A Smoke – Terrorist

Shipped - Back of A Smoke

Smokes are useful on any map but this one may be the difference between your team retaining control of Bombsite A or failing miserably.

Start the round by taking control of Bombsite A. Once everyone is comfortably stationed around the bombsite, head to Back of A. Walk over to the wooden planks on the side of the walkway and position yourself hallway along so you’re standing directly opposite the small gap between the two piles of planks. Crouch and move in closer. You should be able to see a darker plank in front of each of the piles of wood. Line up your crosshair with the top-left corner on the right dark plank of wood. Right click to gently throw the smoke grenade onto the floor. It should land right in front of the gap between the piles, on the first level of the pile.

After successfully placing the smoke, run over to the stack of boxes next to the stairs. Jump onto the box closest to the smoke, stand and scope in on Bombsite A. The smoke will conceal most of your body, making it very difficult for CTs attempting to retake the site to spot you. If any CTs enter from Mid or Extended A, you’ll be able to pick them off within seconds.

Shipped – Bombsite A Boost Spot – Counter-Terrorist

Shipped - Bombsite A Boost Spot

Originally players could line this shot up on their own, but Valve patched it out, presumably because it gave CTs too big of an advantage. Fortunately you can still achieve the same result if you’ve got a friend around to give you a boost. You will definitely want to practice this a few times before trying it out in a match, because the Ts will notice the player being boosted quickly.

Head to Bombsite A and stand next to the life preserver in front of the stairs. Both players involved in the boost should jump up onto the ledge, then the life preserver, then the large grey box. Once you’re there, the player doing the boosting should tuck into the left corner at the side of the ship and push out as far as possible without falling overboard. Then crouch and let the player being boosted onto your back.

The player being boosted should wait for the other player to get in position, then hop onto their back and edge out even further to the left. If you do this right, you should be able to see right through the storage container at Long A. Scope in, wait for the Ts to appear, then make your shot. Don’t hang around though or they’ll get you on the refrag.

Shipped – Bombsite A Boost Spot 2 – Counter-Terrorist

Shipped - Bombsite A Boost Spot 2

You liked that one? Then let’s do another. This lets you cover two entry points to Bombsite A.

You and your buddy should head over to the containers labelled with stickers ’04’ and ’17’. Stand behind the box so you’re facing Top of Mid with your back to Back of A. The player boosting needs to make sure they are entirely covered by the containers by standing right in front of the ’17’ sticker. Hold crouch until your pal is on your back, then release it so they can jump up and stand on your shoulders.

Once in position, the player being boosted should be able to see over the container. This will let you keep an eye on the door to Top of Mid as well as Long A. As with the other spot, don’t stay up there too long because you’ll be a sitting duck when they spot you.

Shipped – Extended A Boost & Smoke – Counter-Terrorist

Shipped - Extended A Boost with Smoke

For this boost, you and a friend should head to Extended A and stand on top of the barrels next to the big white pipe. The player boosting should press up against the pipe and wait for the other player to jump on their shoulders. Stay crouched for this, and once your buddy is in position, look down at the floor and deploy a smoke. This will entirely cover you and most of your pal.

The player being boosted should climb on their friend’s shoulders and turn around to face the direction of Long A. Keep an eye on the edge of the smoke, where the edge of the blue storage container meets the ship’s ledge, and wait for Ts to enter Extended A.

Shipped – Bombsite A Wallbang – Counter-Terrorist

Shipped - Bombsite A Wallbang

For this wallbang, grab an AWP and stand on the corner of Extended A facing the doorway that leads to Inside. Scope in and focus on the part of the wall between the three white pipes and the vertical metal beam. This entire area can be wallbanged, but this specific shot hits a T on the corner of Inside.

Take note of the stack of six small boxes to the left of the pipes. Line up your crosshair halfway down the small box at the top of the pile and drag it right so it’s extremely close to the vertical beam. If you land this successfully, you’ll probably get a kill and deter the rest of the enemy team from entering Bombsite A this way.

Shipped – Top of Mid Wallbang – Terrorist

Shipped - Top of Mid Wallbang

Walk through Top of Mid and position yourself in the doorway under the painted ’88’. Push in as far as you can on the wall to your left so you can see the metal fence with the blue tarp ahead of you. If you think a CT may be on the other side guarding Extended A, aim a third of the way down the blue tarp and control your spray to take them out.