CS:GO Operation Hydra – Pro-Tip: Don’t Get Shot guide

Pro-Tip: Don’t Get Shot may be one of the easier missions in the CS:GO Operation Hydra
Guardian Missions campaign, but you’ll still need to keep your wits about you. Grab a buddy and switch on your voice comms before jumping into the Mirage map for this mission.

Starting tips for Pro-Tip: Don’t Get Shot

Mission: Score a win by getting 25 enemy kills with any pistol. Armor is not available.

Mirage Map

At a glance, Pro-Tip: Don’t Get Shot may seem like a challenging mission, especially when you consider that the bots’ accuracy seems to increase as each wave approaches, making it far more challenging for you and your partner to take them out. In addition, your income will be capped at $600 each per round, which means that you won’t be able to purchase the Desert Eagle or the R8 Revolver. However, you’ll still be able to afford a decent pistol with a few grenades to soften up the bots and help you to gain a healthy advantage over them.

This mission is set on Mirage, which is currently in the Active Duty rotation. It’s likely you’re already very familiar with Bombsite A, so guarding it with a teammate shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. Nonetheless, if you’re not quite sure where the best places to stand are, we recommend that one player stands on Bombsite A facing Palace and Ramp – you’ll also be able to use the boxes on the bombsite for cover. The other player should stand close to CT Start, listening out for the bots running around from that direction while keeping an eye on Jungle and Connector. You’ll want to head back to these positions at the beginning of each round to ensure that the entire bombsite is covered, and then reposition yourself once you know where the bots are coming from.

Not only is Pro-Tip: Don’t Get Shot a relatively straightforward mission, but the bots also appear to travel together on this map. We’ve played through this mission a number of times and, for the most part, you’ll be enduring all five bots entering the bombsite from the same entry point. Of course, this entry point is likely to switch for each wave, but once one of you spots where the bots are coming from, be sure to alert your team-mate straight away. The bots are prone to rushing all at once, so reacting quickly and moving in together is absolutely key for this mission.

They know me for my one-taps… with my pistol

There are four pistols on offer for this mission, so you’re not exactly spoilt for choice. We recommend you purchase the P250 for a number of reasons. Firstly, the P250 is incredibly cheap at $300, leaving you plenty of money to stock up on grenades. This pistol holds plenty of bullets (13 rounds with 26 in reserve), has excellent mobility stats and good armor penetration. If your aim is particularly accurate, you’ll be able to take out each bot with a single headshot. Of course, the Five-SeveN and CZ75-Auto are still viable pistols, but they won’t be as well-rounded as the P250. As usual, you’ll begin the mission with your starter pistol (either the USP-S or the P2000), so you’ll have to eliminate a wave of enemies before being able to afford the pistol that you want to use for the remainder of the mission.

We advise that you spend your extra cash on grenades between each of the waves. Flashbangs will prove useful on Mirage, because you should be able to successfully flash the bots without blinding your partner. The bots will also be armed with a variety of grenades, so ensure you’ve always got some cover to duck behind. High Explosive Grenades are also a worthwhile purchase and will deal a significant amount of damage, especially when they are all grouped together. Both players will have equal responsibilities in this mission, so call out to your partner promptly and don’t let the bots corner them.

Mission Accomplished

Pro-Tip: Don’t Get Shot may have felt like a walk in the park, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. The next mission in the CS:GO Operation Hydra Guardian Missions campaign is incredibly tough and will work you harder than any of its predecessors. Thankfully, we’ve written a guide for that one too…