CS:GO Operation Hydra – Desperate Times guide

It’s time to tackle another mission in the CS:GO Operation Hydra Guardian Missions campaign. Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight: this aptly named mission is ridiculously tough and will certainly leave you feeling ‘desperate’. Desperate Times is, by far, the most challenging Guardian Mission so far, so buckle up and prepare for a gruelling session.

Starting tips for Desperate Times

Mission: Score a win by getting 30 kills with any weapon. Cannot buy on this mission.

Lite Map

Desperate Times may not sound too intimidating when you read the mission brief. All you have to do is secure 30 kills with any weapon – something you recently achieved on the Dressed for the Occasion mission. This seems fine until you read the fine print: cannot buy on this mission. This means that you’ll be scavenging for the bots’ weapons between waves while facing heavy resistance. Oh, and you know all those useful grenades we usually encourage you to buy each round? You’ll be picking those off the floor too. You can’t buy anything in this mission. GLHF!

In addition to the mission itself being very challenging, Bombsite B on the Lite map has very little cover for you and your teammate to utilize when the bots arrive. Armed with just your starting pistols (either the USP-S or the P2000) in the first wave, you’ll want to find the strongest positions to hold the bombsite from. After undergoing this hellish mission more times than we can count, we advise one player stands behind the wooden box on the bombsite, facing Back Entrance. This player will be able to hear whether the bots are heading through Front Hall or Ladder from this spot. The other player then has the option to stand behind the metal cylinder on the bombsite, facing the door that leads to Ladder on the balcony. From here, they can listen out for bots entering through Front Room. You can also jump up onto the balcony between waves to retrieve weapons and grenades, and close the door.

Completing this mission within three rounds to receive the additional team bonus is obscenely difficult, so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t quite manage it. The difficulty will lower after six failed attempts and the mission will be noticeably easier. Naturally, you’ll want to do your best, but don’t forget you can jump back in with a friend later to improve your score.

The boxes on the bombsite are your friends!

The first two rounds of Desperate Times should feel fairly comfortable. Your duo and the bots will be armed with pistols, so eliminating the threat will be quite easy. Utilizing cover in this mission is paramount when engaged in a firefight with the bots, and more importantly when you’re reloading your weapon. The wooden box on Bombsite B is the perfect height to stand behind when you’re shooting at the enemies. The box will effectively cover most of your body, while enabling you to land headshots on the Ts. The player using the metal cylinder for cover will have to peek out from either side in order to attack enemies, as it’s too high to look over. If the bots decide to push through Front Room, this player will be able to surprise them but will be equally vulnerable, so it’s also worth mentioning that this player may need to move off the bombsite occasionally to avoid being trapped in the corner by the railing.

After taking out each wave, have a quick whip around the area to pick up better weapons along with any unused High Explosive Grenades and Molotovs. The Heavy Phoenix bots will make an appearance from the third round onwards, making your job a whole lot more difficult. Fortunately the bots will start carrying assault rifles, sniper rifles and shotguns, which should make things somewhat easier once you pluck them from their cold, dead hands.

The importance of using the wooden box for cover cannot be stressed enough. Most of the time the bots will struggle to hit you (unless they are on the balcony, in which case you should move). Keeping the bots at a distance while using the box as cover should allow you to pick them off with ease, and yes, this also applies to the Heavy Phoenix bots. We recommend both players try to pick up either the Galil or the AK-47 as soon as possible, as you’ll want to stay as far away from the enemy as possible.

When attacking the Heavy Phoenix bot, try to focus on landing headshots as these will take them down the quickest. The bots can only focus on one player at a time so use this to your advantage and split up, positioning one player in front of the Heavy and one behind. If one of you dies, this is also a safe option as it will take the Heavy a little while to find and focus on the second player.

Mission Accomplished

Another one bites the dust! Desperate Times is certainly the trickiest mission so far and with the help of our guide, we hope you pulled through. You’ve completed yet another CS:GO Operation Hydra Guardian Mission in the campaign but there’s still two more to go after Desperate Times!