Why To Buy: A UMP-45 CS:GO gun guide

The SMG class of weapons in CS:GO is useful for getting a firepower boost over pistols or punishing unarmored opponents. Among them, the UMP has always been a solid pick but was approaching almost mandatory status until Valve’s latest balance tweaks. It’s still an exceptional gun for a second or third round, and here’s why.

UMP-45 by the numbers

Ammo capacity25/100
Rate of fire667RPM
Reload Time3.5 seconds
Move Speed230
Kill Reward$600
Armour Penetration65%

UMP-45 damage values

UMP-45 advantages

  • Huge damage for an SMG
  • Good accuracy at range and while moving
  • Extremely cheap compared to rifles
  • Easy to manage recoil
  • Good armor penetration for an SMG

UMP-45 disadvantages

  • Low rate of fire, more like a rifle
  • Small clip size and long reload time
  • Heavier than other SMGs, lower movespeed
  • Not quite the killer it used to be