Why to Buy: An MP9 gun guide

The MP9 is the CT answer to the Mac-10, quick and deadly. Not quite as deadly as some other SMGs, and the opportunity to go on the aggressive isn’t often afforded to the bomb site defenders, but if you need a good run and gunner there’s not many better options for counter-terrorists.

MP9 by the numbers

Ammo capacity30/120
Rate of fire857RPM
Reload Time2.25 seconds
Move Speed240
Kill Reward$600
Armour Penetration50%

MP9 damage values

MP9 advantages

  • Very high fire rate
  • High moving accuracy
  • $600 kill reward
  • Short reload time
  • MP9 disadvantages

    • Poor armor penetration
    • Low damage
    • Wide spray pattern
    • High recoil