Why to buy: M4A4 CS:GO gun guide

If CS:GO pros can’t get their hands on an AK (mostly when playing CT) they’ll get themselves an M4A4. Want to know what sort of damage the M4A4 can do, and why it’s the standard for competitive games on the defender’s side, check out the stats below.

M4A4 by the numbers

Ammo capacity30/90
Rate of fire666RPM
Reload Time3.1 seconds
Move Speed230
Kill Reward$300
Armour Penetration70%

M4A4 damage values

M4A4 advantages

  • Faster rate of fire than AK
  • Slightly higher move speed for peeking
  • Longer effective range with little damage fall-off
  • Technically higher DPS thanks to fire rate and accuracy
  • Lower consecutive shot inaccuracy than AK

M4A4 disadvantages

  • Can’t kill armored enemies with a single headshot
  • Expensive ($400 more than an AK)
  • Lower single-shot damage