The best gaming chairs for CS:GO pros

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Practice makes perfect in CS:GO and that means putting in the hours. But you can’t play at your best if you’re squirming around on a stool. Your seat is almost as important as any other piece of your gear, for keeping you comfortable, cool and focused. So we’ve picked out some of the best gaming chairs to add to your battlestation.

Need For Seat

The gold standard for most tournaments and the chair of choice for streamers and pros alike. It’s not just a brand choice, either, as Need For Seat chairs offer every kind of customization you can ask for in a piece of furniture. Arm and back rests can be positioned exactly as you need them to let your mouse hand flick comfortably, and you can even get your favorite team’s logo splashed all over it if you want. Of course, the closely related bucket seat relatives of GT Omega and DXRacer are also options, but we prefer that Maxnomic touch.


All the functionality of a need for seat chair without sounding like it’s a Vin Diesel movie. Noblechairs, as the name might imply, also offer a little more in the looks department if you don’t go all in for fluorescent colors. While “subtle” might not be the word to use for a leather-bound bucket seat, Noble do have some classy upholstery options, along with all the ergonomic tweaking you can hope for. This is the chair for those who want their seat to match their Tuxedo Galil and also have 500 different lumbar support positions.

IKEA Markus

The budget option is definitely no slouch, though it doesn’t quite have as many gizmos and gadgets as the others. IKEA is pretty much a staple for battlestation construction, and the Markus office chair is a solid choice if you don’t want to break the bank. A high mesh backrest with head cushion and armrests cover all the bases, but the only customizing you’ll be doing here is setting the seat height and reclining tilt. If you don’t have a PhD in seating ergonomics that’ll suit you just fine for hours in the saddle.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Sometimes the heat of battle can get a little too much for a traditional cushion-based chair design. Herman Miller’s fabric mesh chairs make sitting a breeze, and the Mirra 2’s springy mesh backrest means it’s extremely lightweight, too. Individual levers let you change the tension in the left and right side of the backrest, giving you customized lumbar support. It also looks right at home in any silicon valley tech boardroom, if that’s where you choose to play CS:GO.

Office Master OM5

If you don’t like tinkering with your seat every time you sit down, the Office Master OM5 will do it all for you. With no need to fiddle with levers and buttons, the OM5 still provides all the support your back and buns need. It’s self-weighted so just sitting in it moves the cushion and backrest into the positions they need to be in to make you feel right at home. With tall and mid-back versions, as well as an optional headrest, this is the swiss army knife of gaming chairs. Configure how you please.