Ask Thorin: Episode #3

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In Episode 3 of “Ask Thorin”: he discusses the AWP, the German CS:GO scene, SK and more! 


Every week Thorin is going to field questions from this thread to answer in a video that’ll be published on Friday. This is a chance for both premium and free users to ask anything they want and get an answer from Thorin himself!

Expand the names below to see what Boomeo users asked!

Do you think this SK with felps has the same potential as it did with fnx? If so, do they just need time as it is right now? If not, what do you see the solution being?
What do you think ultimately causes the problems NA sees with leadership? I know you’ve outlined how you think a lack of respect for IGLs and a refusal to give them a proper chance hinders the region, but what do you think it is about the culture which causes this.
Hey there Thooorin, in one of your older videos about cs go you talked about how the awp nerf was unnecessary and what the awp does need is a buff could you elaborate on this topic please? Thanks, looking forward to more events featuring you!
One storyline that wasn’t discussed after the Sltv final was Rain. What do you think about his Journey as the only original member off the Kinguin/G2/Faze project?
If you were to make a swedish shuffle, how would it look like? What would be the best respectively second best team?
How do you think about Fnatic map pool? They seems to rely heavily on Inferno to get a map from other tier 1 teams
In 2012 you wrote a two part article discussing who The Greatest player of all time was in counter-strike. If CS:GO was to end right now and there wasn’t going to be any more tournaments. First who would be the Greatest CS:GO player of all time and do? And, would NEO still be the Greatest player of all time in Counter-Strike if you now included the entirety of CS and CS:GO?
Do you think Dust2 should be left out the competitive map pool, remaining as a DM map or should it be reworked and reintroduced? What do you think would likely happen?
Thorin do you think it would hurt the game if it became more skilled with more skill to spray patterns and first bullet accuracy? do you think certain pros have become worse or more inconsistent because of spray nerfs, RNG etc? i think it should be possible to spray at distance if your skilled enough, what are you’re thoughts?
Do you think Ropz has chance to succeed? Would that mean more teams would start to pick players from rank S and FPL like stewie and ropz? From how much u have seen him do you think he will be successful (assuming he can perform to a decent level on Lan?
Do you think mechanical skills of pro players have improved since the 1.6 and source days? If they have, do you think that advancements in technology to provide better gear (better mice, higher refresh rate monitors, etc) is a significant reason for the improvement?
Expanding on a previous question of mine, are you happy with how CS:GO eSports is as a viewing experience (both on stream and at a LAN event)? Is there anything you would do to improve this? (For example StarLadder including a bomb timer, or colour coding player positions on the map)
What do you think about BIG and the German CS-scene in general, do you think it can ever become great again like in 1.6?
Some of the best advice I’ve ever received, in regard to improving as a player, was to “Know what it means to get from point A to point B”. Given the nature of Boomeo and how much work you’ve put into analysing counter strike, I was wondering if you had any nuggets of wisdom you could share with someone looking to seriously “git gud” at the game.
When Neo, Pasha and Taz retire who do you think will replace them? And will ever be a successful team again?
do you think that their should be a Swedish super team formed like their was in France and who would you put in it?
What is the path that an individual must take to become an esports (mainly CSGO) commentator/analyst?

A big thanks to everyone for writing in! We’re enjoying reading all of your questions and making this content, so keep it up.

Make sure to submit your questions to Thorin in our thread in the forums; he’ll be back next week with a new wave of answers.

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