Ask Thorin: Episode #10

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In Episode 10 of “Ask Thorin”: he discussesNRG, g2, Finding your Playstyle, and More!


Every week Thorin is going to field questions from our forums and answer them in video format. This is a chance for both premium and free users to ask anything they want and get an answer from Thorin himself!

Expand the names below to see what Boomeo users asked!

Do you think NRG might become a home for older veterans like Hiko or Adren? Do you think this could elevate to a top four team in NA (not counting Brazilians)?
Is the discrepancy between salary and tournament earnings too small? It feels like alot teams in EU are in exactly the situation you describe for NA teams, they have huge salaries and no drive to win.
What is the best way to find your own playstyle in csgo? I’m struggling alot with finding my best playstyle and settings.
If you could interview any pro esports player (any game), who would you want to interview the most, and why?
What maps would you say delivered the most memorable and best matches in the last ~12 months?
Assuming G2 continue on an upward trajectory, do you think this G2 roster can be sustainable for years or will it falter like previous french lineups ?
Would you change the currently standardised Overtime ruleset (MR 3, 10k starting money) and if yes how what would you change about it?
Do you think this G2 roster is the pinnacle of French CS or could it be theoretically better?
Based on Nifty’s performance at the Asia Minor do you think he is rising as an AWPer after joining Renegades or do you simply credit his performance to playing against lower competition?
What are some changes that should be made to Cobblestone to make the map more balanced and (as many pros have put it) ‘less boring’?
What style do you believe is most likely to replace the half-tactical/half-loose meta that most of the top teams seem to use ?
And what impact can a coach have on a game when he is only allowed to talk during the halftime and four 30 second breaks? Would you change the ‘valve coaching rule’?
Who do you think was/is better in their prime: Krimz or Xyp9x?
What do you see as some of the instances in which trying to copy real sports’ broadcasting habits / topes has been misguided in eSports broardcast and format?
Do you believe a North American team will make any kind of run at the Major? (Of Course suggesting that one or two makes the major)
Can you give a short rundown of the Brazilian scene Pre-Parity Era. (What events led up to Luminosity becoming the #1 team. What players went the other way out of Luminosity and how did Immortals form. When LG became SK where did the new LG Team come from and did they interact with the Immortals roster at any point?)
Where is the place of the scout in the current competitive meta?
With the likes of Neo, f0rest and Zeus likely to retire in the next few years, who do you think new-comers will see as “legends” of the game.

A big thanks to everyone for writing in! We’re enjoying reading all of your questions and making this content, so keep it up.

Make sure to submit your questions to Thorin in our thread in the forums; he’ll be back next week with a new wave of answers.