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First, don’t worry! This charge will either be refunded if you decide to cancel or be applied as credit if you continue with your subscription. The amounts range from $0.05 to $3.00. This is just a security feature to prevent fraud. For more information, click here

The trial is 2 days and can be cancelled at any time by logging into your profile page and managing your subscriptions.
Any cancellations will be in effect the day after your last day of paid subscription. You will then be downgraded to Standard (Free) Service. If you have not cancelled by the end of the trial and/or wish to cancel before the end of your subscription period, BOOMEO will not refund any funds already paid.
If you are a paid subscriber, then your payment will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. All billing transactions occur through Xsolla.
Train, so you don’t suck at CS:GO! We can help, check out our subscription page
Minimum OS requirements are Mac OSx10.6.6 ; Windows: 7,XP, Vista ; Ubuntu 12.04 (Linux)
No, there isn’t any betting on our site. Boomeo offers players of all levels to train and better their CS:GO skills. We also offer lots of other great CS content…. But no betting ; )
You and your friends can join the the same server by using our Server List – where you will be redirected appropriately.
You are matched per region with the best ping for you.
Located across NA and  EU, each server supports up to 16 players in DM and Duels, with an even larger player capacity for Firing Range.
Try reloading home page if you are receiving an “error while getting server information” message.

If you’re still experiencing any issues connecting simply copy the IP and take a screenshot, then send us a message through chat or discord.