From The Founder

I was watching a thirty minute tutorial on Mirage, and somewhere in that video I found a 35 second nugget of insight. This was one of many, but as someone that often plays A-Ramp on T-side, this nugget was directly applicable to me, and how I play. The creator advised throwing a smoke between tetris and palace, then throwing a flash over the stairs before peaking out. That little insight improved my personal KDR, helped win a bunch of rounds and ultimately helped me rank up.

Most importantly though, it changed how I thought about Counter-Strike. It got me thinking… there’s a better way to learn CS:GO, and the concept for Boomeo was born.

After seven years of working in esports, I can safely say it’s been the most rewarding and challenging work experience of my life. Partnering early on with Tobias Sherman, who first became a colleague, then a friend and then a brother, transformed what I wanted to do and achieve in this industry. Together we built the first esports agency, innovated productions and worked heavily behind the scenes to advocate for the space and everyone in it.

WME | IMG’s acquisition of our company was an unbelievably exciting time, and it continues to get even more exciting. The rocket fuel that this company added to our ambitions was truly something to behold. Within months of joining the company, ELEAGUE was conceptualized, pitched and beginning to be executed. With that project in some very capable hands, I was able to internally pitch my dream project: Boomeo.

It’s been one hell of a journey from concept to execution, and I could not be more proud of the site  or the team that built it. It’s in its infancy to be sure; there are many features and tools that you will see coming out over the next weeks and months that I wish we could have packed in for launch, but ultimately we decided to build a strong foundation first. Focus on the chassis, then add bluetooth, if you will.

Partnering with some of the top esports teams and players in the world has been an amazing experience. How these players view the game, and teach it, was really eye opening. There is a depth to CS:GO that I was only tangentially aware of, even as an avid fan. What we all watch at tournaments is really just the tip of a massive iceberg. What’s happening beneath the game is unbelievably complex and in a way, beautiful.

I am excited for users to hit the site and use what we’ve built…we have had amazing feedback from early adopters and alpha testers, much of which has already been implemented. Our proprietary mod called Duels, is something I’ve wanted to build for a long time  and to have players vindicate the concept and watch them get thousands of frags in our servers is such a rewarding experience.

We have a long way to go, and I’m excited to hear what you have to say – good, bad and ugly. The instant and visceral feedback that gaming & esports communities are capable of is something I truly consider a huge asset.

Thank you so much for spending some of your time with us. I hope it’s a rewarding and educational experience – and I promise that we’ll continue to make it even better.

Feel free to contact me anytime via Twitter or our Live Chat Support!