Duels Training Map: The Deathmatch Replacer

Whether you’re warming up to play some competitive games, or you’re just killing some time and practicing your aim – Deathmatch has been a reliable staple of every most players’ routine since the beginning of Counter-Strike.

Deathmatch as a warmup or training tool has been the most effective option because it forces you into many fights quickly. You are encountering other players and forced to shoot constantly. This is great, but it has a few flaws that we knew could be improved upon to create a better warmup and training environment.

What Makes Deathmatch an inefficient training tool?

  • Most of your kills are a result of shooting someone that isn’t looking at you, or shooting back at you.
  • Most of your deaths are a result of people shooting you while you aren’t looking at them
  • Time spent running around looking for other players
  • Spawn Kills & Deaths
  • Unrealistic fights at unrealistic angles
  • Always playing same maps

Due to these factors, the quality fights per minute that you can achieve in Deathmatch is surprisingly low. We set out to create an experience that would solve these problems and put you in dozens of high quality fights per minute, to be the ultimate warmup and training tool.

What is the Boomeo Duels mod?

Duels is not an entirely new idea, the concept has floated around in the form of “Arenas” for years. We wanted to take it to the next level though and take it from a fun game mode to a serious training tool that would replace Deathmatch both in efficacy as well as fun.

  • Every fight is a realistic 1v1 duel that you would encounter in a real match
  • Every fight you peek a player peeking right back at you. No time wasted shooting people in the back, or getting spawn killed
  • Instant respawns means not only are you getting in the best quality fights, they’re happening fast….like really fast. Up to 20+ fights a minute.
  • Real fights on real maps. We love you Dust2, it’s not you…it’s us…we need to start seeing other maps…
  • Warmup in a fraction of the time and get to playing competitively!

Duels puts you in a realistic 1v1 situation that you would encounter in real games all the time – and forces you to peek and fight that player. When you get a kill, or die – you instantly respawn in another realistic 1v1 situation.

Duels is an intuitive game mode that you can jump in and get started in immediately – it’s amazing how fast you feel warmed up, and how surprisingly fun and addictive it can be!

Why not give it a try? Hit that “Play” Button at the top right, and jump into a server now!

The Boomeo lobby
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    Very good concept and great ideas! I will be definitely be checking it out!



    So you commented Jan 21 but the open beta started 16 of March? Staff writing positive reviews about themselves, get serious guys!



    Looking forward to try it, but servers need more players.



    Small FYI about the dates mentioned above:
    We were in alpha (which included a playable version of Duels: Mirage) a week before xmas, we went into closed beta in mid-January, and March 16th was our big public release. We’ve had Duels on-site and playable since around x-mas.



    I cant seem to join the non premium duels servers. When i try and join it just says this in the console.

    No pure server whitelist. sv_pure = 0
    Disconnect: You were kicked by the server.
    Disconnect: You were kicked by the server.

    Anyone know why?


    Wow. What the site doesn’t tell you is that you have to have “Premium” to even watch the videos. What a load of bs



    frankmite- hit us up on Discord or chat if you can’t connect!



    Great concept. This is really a great avenue for training in CS



    if everyone can play premium now, what am I paying $9.99 for ? do I at least have a dedicated slot ?



    Yes- Premium subs will have reserved slots as well as our expanding pro training content. We have a lot more updates coming!



    Can you please add the SG 553 to the Guns Selection.


    cant join the servers 🙁
    it keeps telling that server is not responding



    every time i connect i get stuck on downloading map from workshop 🙁



    I just read the Changelog and noticed that you are aware of the AWP issue.
    Currently it’s a real dealbreaker for me if you want to train your rifle when there are 4 people sitting with AWPs on the server just waiting for you to walk into the crosshair.
    Now sure it’s also good to train your anti AWP play but let’s be honest I would like to prefer to choose so of my own accord and not jiggle every inch forward.
    If anything I should at least know whether my opponent has an AWP or rifle. Looking forward.


    Yep! Definitely a huge issue for us…we have some ideas. Would love any ideas the community could provide too.

    Basically the idea we’re working on now is making certain fights capable of allowing for AWPs. This would be Mirage mid for example…very common to fight an AWPer in window, and so we’d allow that fight to have AWPs, then switch you back to rifles if it spawns you in an A-site fight.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)

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