Boomeo’s Pre-Fire

Boomeo just dropped an all-new training mode: Premium Prefire!

The clip below is from our latest twitch stream featuring Anders and the boys from Astralis. Let’s have him explain it for us.

Duels and Retakes are both great at helping with specific goals – but they don’t cover 100% of what you need to be great.

That’s why we built Prefire for our Premium users. Hop into a server and check out why we think it will help you:

– Not peek too wide when taking a possible fight
– Take on one fight at a time
– Minimize the amount of enemies on the screen
– Learn common and off-angle spots to check when clearing a site
– Commit the path to muscle-memory, buckle down, speed up, take the next Major by storm.

We realize that a lot of you are very comfortable with all of this information and we didn’t want to leave you out of the fun, so we added a time attack element, average play times, and the times of Pro players. That way, even those of you that are “2gud” at clearing the sites will have something to work towards as you try to smash times set by the boys in Astralis, SK, CLG, CompLexity, G2 and C9.

So, whether you’re a seasoned vet or new to the scene, we think this mod will have something for everyone. See you in the servers!

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