Boomeo Personal Stats

Want to track your progress in a little more detail? Boomeo introduces a personal stats page!

You can load this up to see your, or any other user’s frags, deaths, headshot percentage, KDR and Accuracy. 

Personal Stats is going live at 4PM EST, June 14th. You can visit your stats by clicking your username on any page of Boomeo. Just drop down, select “My Statistics”, and you’re there!

Please note that Leaderboard stats run from June 1 -> 30. Personal Stats will run June 14th -> Triple Infinity. Your leaderboard numbers will not match the Personal Stats and this is intended.

All Premium user stats can be viewed by lifetime (overall), the last game played, for a 1 , 3 , and 5 day range, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months or a year. Basically, we’re providing you as many tools as possible and allowing you to track your growth however you want!

Non-Premium users still have their stats tracked but only for their last game session not any of the overall ranges. If you’re looking at someone else’s profile, you’ll see as much as they see: a Premium user’s profile will display all possible data, basic users’ profiles will only show 1 session.

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