The CS:GO Pro Player Config, Settings and Gear List

If you want to know how your favorite pro players and streamers have their CS:GO and PC setup configured for maximum efficiency, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the entire run down of how pro players set up their keyboard, mouse, sensitivities, and anything you could need. Click through to a specific player’s profile page to learn more about them, including which crosshair they use. We’re adding more pro configs all the time so if you don’t see your favorite player here, let us know and we’ll go peep their gear.

PlayerMouseKeyboardMonitorHeadsetMousepadEffective DPIDPIIn-game Sens.OS Sens.Zoom Sens.ResolutionAspect RatioScalingFrequency
summit1gZOWIE FK1Corsair K70 RGB (MX Red)ASUS VGE248QEAudio-Technica ATH-ADG1XCorsair MM200 (XL)6004001.56/11-1920×108016:9None144Hz
fREAKAZOiDZOWIE by BenQ FK2HyperX Alloy FPS (MX Brown)ASUS PG248QHyperX Cloud Revolver SSteelseries QcK Heavy9204002.36/110.81024×7684:3Black Bars180Hz
FaZe rainQPAD 8KXtrfy XG1-RBenQ XL2411HyperX Cloud IIZOWIE by BenQ G-SR787.54501.756/11-1280×80016:10Stretched144Hz
shroudLogitech G303Logitech G810BenQ XL2430Logitech G533Logitech G6408404002.16/11-1920×108016:9Native144Hz
FalleNZOWIE EC1-AHyperX Alloy FPSBenQ XL2420TRazer Kraken Pro V2GFALLEN Major Dream9204002.36/111.21024×7684:3Stretched144Hz
Stewie2kLogitech G ProLogitech G810BenQ XL2430Logitech G633Logitech G640 (Cloud9)832.54501.856/11-1024×7684:3Black Bars144Hz
kennySRazer Deathadder EliteXtrfy K2-RGBBenQ XL2411ZHyperX Cloud IIZOWIE by BenQ G-SR8804002.26/11-1024×7684:3Black Bars120Hz
denisZOWIE by BenQ ZA12ZOWIE GEAR CeleritasBenQ XL2720TSennheiser GAME ZEROZOWIE by BenQ G-SR7724001.936/110.71024×7684:3Black Bars120Hz
TaZLogitech G403Xtrfy K2-RGBBenQ XL2420TSennheiser G4ME ZEROLogitech G6406804001.76/110.9800×6004:3Black Bars144Hz
olofmeisterSteelSeries Rival 300Fnatic Gear Rush G1BenQ XL2730ZHyperX Cloud IISteelseries QcK Heavy6804001.76/111.21024×7684:3Black Bars144Hz
pashaBicepsSteelSeries RivalSteelSeries 6Gv2BenQ XL2420TQPAD QH-90 (Black)SteelSeries QcK Heavy8804002.26/11-1024×7684:3Black Bars144Hz
HikoZOWIE by BenQ FK2ZOWIE by BenQ Celeritas IIBenQ XL2540Sennheiser G4ME ZEROZOWIE GEAR G-SR (Hiko Edition)17208002.156/11-1280×9604:3Black Bar240Hz
NBK-ZOWIE GEAR ZA11Xtrfy K2-RGBBenQ XL2410HyperX Cloud IIZOWIE GEAR G-SR13208001.656/11-1280×10244:3Black Bars120Hz
RpKZOWIE GEAR FK1SteelSeries 6Gv2BenQ XL2411Sennheiser G4ME ZEROSteelSeries QcK Heavy7404001.856/11-1280×10244:3Black Bars144Hz
s1mpleZOWIE by BenQ FK1+HyperX Alloy FPSASUS VG248QEHyperX Cloud Revolver SBenQ-ZOWIE-G-SR12364003.096/11-800×6004:3Black Bars144Hz
NiKoZOWIE by BenQ EC2-A (White)SteelSeries 6Gv2BenQ XL2430HyperX Cloud IIZOWIE by BenQ G-SR5644001.416/110.81280×9604:3Stretched144Hz
ferSteelSeries Rival 300HyperX Alloy FPSBenQ XL2420THyperX Cloud IIMionix Sargas 450 SK10004002.56/11-1152×8644:3Black Bars144Hz
[email protected]Logitech G403Logitech G810BenQ XL2420TLogitech G933HyperX FURY Pro (XL)8524002.136/1111280×9604:3Stretched120Hz
DaZeDLogitech G403 WirelessRazer BlackWidow Tournament EditionBenQ XL2411ZSennheiser GAME ZEROHyperX FURY XXL Extended80040026/11-1280×9604:3Stretched120Hz
KQLYZowie FK2CM Storm QuickFire Pro RedSamsung 2233RzQPAD QH-90SteelSeries QcK-4002.046/110.91280×72016:9Stretched120Hz
rocaLogitech G403 WirelessDucky Year of the Goat (Brown Switches)BenQ XL2411ZHyperX Cloud IIZOWIE GEAR G-SR108018000.66/11-1920×108016:9-144Hz
coldzeraZOWIE by BenQ ZA12HyperX Alloy FPSBenQ XL2411HyperX RevolverMionix Sargas 450 SK8808001.16/11-1280×9604:3Stretched144Hz
JWZOWIE by BenQ EC2-A (White)Xtrfy K2-RGBBenQ XL2730ZSteelseries-Arctis-5Steelseries QcK Heavy9604002.46/110.91024×7684:3Black Bars144Hz
f0restZOWIE GEAR EC2-AXtrfy K2-RGBBenQ XL2411HyperX Cloud IIXtrfy XTP1 (f0rest Edition)14004003.56/11-1024×7684:3Black Bars120Hz
SubrozaZOWIE GEAR FK2Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro SBenQ XL2420ZHyperX Cloud IIZOWIE GEAR G-SR6204001.556/1111024×7684:3Black Bars144Hz
dev1ceZOWIE EC1-AZowie Celeritas ProBenQ XL2411HyperX Cloud IIZOWIE GEAR G-SR10004002.56/11-1024×7684:3Black Bars144Hz
koostaLogitech G403Corsair K65 RGBASUS VG248QECorsair VOIDZOWIE GEAR G-SR9604002.46/11-1280×9604:3Black Bars144Hz
shoxZOWIE by BenQ FK1+SteelSeries 6Gv2BenQ XL2411THyperX Cloud IIZOWIE GEAR G-SR90040035/11-1024×7684:3Black Bars144Hz
fnxZOWIE by BenQ ZA12Razer BlackWidowBenQ XL2420ZHyperX Cloud IIMionix Sargas 450 SK8804002.26/11-1280×9604:3Black Bars144Hz
ScreaMFinalMouse Scream OneSteelSeries 6Gv2BenQ XL2411THyperX Cloud IISteelSeries QcK Heavy10004002.55/11-800×6004:3Black Bars144Hz