About Us


Who Are We?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a deeply beautiful game, once you look under the hood. What most people see when watching the game competitively, is really just the tip of the iceberg. What is happening in the minds of the players, the meta gaming, strategy and depth – is truly something to behold once you’re aware of it’s existence.

With that in mind, we set out to show players just how deep the rabbit hole goes – and the best way we know how to do that is with some of the best players on the planet showing you how to play the game, how it should be played after decades of refinement.

Boomeo was designed by passionate esports and CS:GO fans and players. Our goal is to provide the best place online for CS:GO training, period! We work with best in breed in the esports universe, including the best CS pros in the world, so you can be the best.


What is Boomeo?

Boomeo is a website dedicated to helping you become a better Counter-Strike player. We provide content from the world’s top pros, as well as custom gameplay to help you train and warm up.

Our content drills down to each specific player’s POV – so you don’t need to watch a 25 minute video just find the info you really want. Don’t waste time looking for the right video, with our video selector tool! Simple select the map, the pro, side and situation and we will serve you the tutorial you are looking for.

Our gameplay gives you all the modes you know and love like Deathmatch and Retakes – but we’ve also created what we think is the best warmup and training tool – Duels. Real fights on real maps, fast….like, really really fast.

No need to search using a server list. Our Server Discovery Tool will find an open server, that is geared up to give you the best performance and connect you with just 2 clicks.

We’re partnering up with a bunch of awesome sites, teams, streamers, players and products to bring you a ton of content, features, stats, prizes, bundles, discounts and more, so stay tuned!


What Does this Mean for You?

You can check out our free content anytime and no need to register. We update it daily and we offer an audio version, so you can listen to us on the go!

Need more? Sign up for Free and get access to our mods, including Duels and our Server discovery tool, that will find the best DM, Retakes, Duels and other great mods and maps to get you warmed up and primed.

Want to dominate? Go premium and get the tips, tricks, tutorials and strategies from the guys that play on the biggest stages in the world, and kick ass doing it. Thats right we have the worlds top pro’s showing you how they conquer each map and fight. Plus with this subscription, you are always guaranteed a reserved slot in our mods and maps and access to other exclusive opportunities from us and our partners!


Why Did We Make Boomeo?

Boomeo is the result of CSGO fans and players coming together to create something that we knew could benefit the community. There are many great tools and services out there, and this is one we felt was underserved and should be given more attention.

Watching a 25 minute video about Mirage, founder Simon Abitbol found himself extracting a great nugget of information. On T-side throw a smoke between tetris and palace, then throw a flash over stairs so you can come out and get a foothold on the site. That insight was a realization that the way in which people should learn Counter-Strike needed to evolve…thus, Boomeo